Vote for free – and in person – this Saturday 15th October for Labour candidates for East Sussex County Council

Locally we are keen to involve as many members as possible in decision-making. That’s why all the elections for Labour candidates to stand for the East Sussex County Council in 2017 are open to all local Labour members of 6 months membership.(And no £25 fine!)

They take place this Saturday 15 October from 10 am onwards at the Ellen Draper Centre, the local Labour Party HQ, in Bohemia Road. All candidates on the local panel are able to put themselves forward to stand in any division. (For the county council 2 wards are joined together in one division e.g. Castle and Braybrooke form one electoral unit).

The hustings and voting  takes place by division so it will only take about half an hour for the session for where you live. The order and time of selection is as follows:

Braybrooke and Castle 10

Gensing and Central St Leonards 10.30

Old Hastings and Tressell 11

Hollington and Wishing Tree 11.30

Silverhill and St Helen’s 12.30

Baird and Ore 13.00

West St Leonards and Maze Hill 14.00

Ashdown and Conquest 14.30

Rye and Eastern Rother 15.00

Brede Valley and Marsham 15.30

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