Tressell ward report (September 2017)

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Ore Business Park development

There have been some problems with the Ore Business Park development site, with tarmac lorries travelling to the site along Broomgrove Road – there is a planning condition that prevents use of Broomgrove and Hurrell Road for access to the building site. When this was reported, we got planning enforcement officers to visit. They had to allow the developers to continue to use the Broomgrove Road access for that day, as they’d laid half the tarmac starting from the Farley Bank end, so couldn’t get out that way. Any further breaches will be met with an enforcement notice and fines. If you see lorries using Broomgrove and Hurrell Road to get to the site, please let us know.

Out and About

Recently, we’ve delivered newsletters to Speckled Wood, Clifton Road and Greville Road. Next, we’ll be doing School Road, Sandown Road and Oakfield Road. You can see all our newsletters on our website.

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