Tressell ward report (September 2016)

image013It’s been a quiet month locally, with not much to report. Tania Charman and I have been walking around the ward, keeping an eye on things and taking pictures. The most obvious problems have been potholes (which Tania takes up with the county council) and litter – especially litter bins along Priory Road and Mount Pleasant. These bins seem to be continually overflowing, which gets reported to the contractor, and the contractor gets fined for not emptying them. We’re trying to get these more closely monitored in the future, but if you do see a full bin, please report it via the ‘report it’ icon on the front page of the council website.
If you report it and it’s still not emptied by the following day, do please let Tania or me know.

And Speckled Wood is looking particularly beautiful in the summer sunshine, and is a cool, peaceful haven where you can escape the heat – make sure you explore it, if you haven’t done already. Entrances are from Frederick Road, Victoria Avenue, Church Street, Sandown Road, Ore Village Green, and Greystone Lane.

We’re still taking a break from knocking on doors and delivering our famous local newsletters, but we’ll be back again soon. If you want to read the most recent newsletters, and all the other local newsletters we’ve delivered over the last two years, you can find them on our website.

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