Tressell ward report (October 2016)

Ore Business Park

The development at the former Ore Business Park has been progressing, but there have been some problems. Failure to comply with planning conditions to produce schemes for landscaping and highway works (including part of the greenway cycle route) has resulted in a Breach of Condition notice being served, which would result in a prosecution and further works being prevented if the conditions aren’t complied with.


image015The future of the Greenway Route through Tressell is actually looking quite promising. A planning application is anticipated for the Frederick Road site, which will include a requirement for a cycle route from Frederick Road. This joins with council land, where the route would be continued (if funding can be found) to the Ore Business Park development, and on to Hurrell Road. Ore Community Land Trust have also produced a plan to extend the cycle path through Speckled Wood up to Victoria Avenue, but that’s a longer term plan as it’s unfunded and the land is in private ownership, or unadopted. From Hurrell Road, the route would eventually extend through the Ore Valley site as that’s developed, to Ore Station. It’s still a long-term plan, but bits of the jigsaw are being put in place.


Fly-tipping continues to be a problem, especially around St George’s, Calvert and Emmanuel roads. If you see flytipped rubbish, please report it via My Hastings.
If you report it and it’s not dealt with after three days, or is listed as ‘completed’ in your My Hastings account when it isn’t, do please let Tania or me know.

Greville Road

We’ve also been back out knocking on doors and delivering our local newsletters, this time to Greville Road. To see the newsletter, and all the other local newsletters we’ve delivered over the last two years, visit our website.

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