Tressell Ward report (May 2016)

Peter re-elected

Peter was re-elected as the councillor for Tressell Ward, with 66% of the vote. We circulated three leaflets throughout the ward, although not all of them went to all households. You can see them all on the Tressell Councillors website though. No other political party circulated any Tressell-specific election materials, although I understand a generic Tory leaflet was circulated in some parts of the ward.

Dangerous column

We recently identified a dangerous column (see picture) in Egremont Place. It was almost rusted through and clearly about to collapse. Getting something done about it was, however, not so simple. It turns out to be a sewer vent pipe, owned by Southern Water. This vent pipe has now been cut down, but has not been replaced. This means it’s a bit niffy if you walk past it. Southern Water say they will put an extension on the pipe if they get complaints about the smell – otherwise they’ll leave it as it is. So if you’re in the area, give it a sniff, and let us know what you think …

Old Halton Post Office

The Old Halton Post Office development (corner of Priory Road and Mount Pleasant) has got into difficulties, again. A couple of the flats in the development are completed and up for sale, but for the rest of the building, the developer has allegedly run into financial difficulties, and now has the building up for sale unfinished, as a development project. So it seems we’re still some way from seeing this building finally returned to a decent state.

Japanese Knotweed

We’ve also been working with residents in Broomgrove Road about knotweed problems. These were made worse by works carried out by UK Power digging out contaminated soil and spreading it along the road, which means the knotweed is now growing along new areas beside the road. We believe UK Power has committed an offence under the Environmental Protection Act by not dealing with ‘controlled waste’ in the prescribed way. Council officers are investigating this.

Taking a break

We’ll take a month’s break from knocking on doors and delivering our famous local newsletters, but we’ll be back again in the summer. If you want to read the most recent newsletters, and all the other local newsletters we’ve delivered over the last two years, you can find them on our website.

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