Tressell ward report March 2018

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Ore Business Park

The Ore Business Park application variation (to change the access to the site to the lower gate from Hurrell Road) went to Planning Committee on February 7th. Both Tania and I attended, and Tania spoke against the application, for the reasons referred to in last month’s report. The committee deferred the application so they could ask for comments from East Sussex County Council as the highway authority. Tania will continue to oppose it though, as this development only received an unopposed run through the planning application process because it did not allow access from Hurrell Road. If the ‘temporary’ two-year access is allowed, we believe it’s very unlikely that will ever be changed back to the originally planned access via Farley Bank.

Frederick Road site

The Gemselect application for the Frederick Road site has been delayed because of the Ashdown Forest problem (see Hastings Council Leader’s report), but Tania and I are still opposing it, for the reasons discussed last month – there have been no modifications to the designs since they submitted the application.

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