Tressell Ward report (March 2016)

Little Acres Farm

The owners of the Little Acres Farm site (Frederick Road) have applied for (and got) a Certificate of Lawful Development for the site – this was because their planning permission was granted over three years ago, but they had done some drainage work which was deemed to be part of the development – so the planning permission is still valid. However, they only have outline planning permission, and we have a new local plan with new policies since then – they would have to submit a full planning application under the new policies, which would mean that their original layout probably wouldn’t work with the new policy on minimum room sizes. So it seems likely that they simply want to sell the site on, rather than develop it.

Broomgrove Road

Tania and I visited Broomgrove Road with council officers to look at the area of unregistered land where residents park their cars, close to the top end of the road. There has been a problem for a long time here with builders and others flytipping rubbish over the edge of this parking area into the land below, which is also unregistered. The council has no duty to clear rubbish from unregistered land, but it does clear rubbish from here from time to time, using a grabber lorry. However, a better solution might be to erect a fence all the way along the edge of the parking area. So we’re looking into that, to see how much it would cost.

Victoria Avenue

East Sussex County Council say they’ve finally cleared out the blocked drain that was causing flooding at the eastern end of Victoria Avenue, by Speckled Wood. We’ll be keeping an eye on it …

And we’ve been out knocking on doors, where we’ve been delivering our latest ‘Victoria Avenue News’, which discusses problems with flooding, and a dog fouling success, with wardens catching a persistent offender. If you want to read Victoria Avenue News, and all the other local newsletters we’ve delivered over the last two years, you can find them here.

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