Tressell Ward report (January 2016)


There has been more flooding on Tressell roads, thanks to blocked drains. This time, it was Victoria Avenue that’s been affected. We have reported this to the county council, who say they’ll deal with it when they’ve tackled the worst of the other flooded roads across the county …

Ore Business Park

The Ore Business Park site is finally showing signs of something happening, too. After pressure and Grotbusting notices from the council, work has now begun to clear the part-demolished site, and work will then, the owners say, begin to build the 19 detached houses for which they already have planning permission. We’ll be keeping an eye on it, to make sure work doesn’t stop again. I’ve also been trying to get something done about the perpetual flooding that makes Piggy Pound Lane (the footpath running down the eastern edge of the old business park) unusable, even in dry weather, with water running continuously from somewhere. Hopefully, this will be sorted out when the business park is redeveloped.

And of course, we have been out door knocking and delivering our local newsletters, although we are at the moment delivering a ‘Tressell News’ newsletter to the whole of the ward.

If you want to see our local newsletters over the last two years, you can find them here.

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