Tressell Ward report (December 2017)

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Ore Business Park

Little to report this month. There is an issue with the Ore Business Park housing development, in that homes there are now occupied, but access is being allowed to these homes from Hurrell Road. The reason given for this by the developers is that the upper part of the site is still under construction, and it’s dangerous to use the road onto Farley Bank.

However, the planning permission specifically stated that access to the site could only be via Farley Bank for any purposes, both for construction traffic and for the finished homes – there should be a locked gate at the Hurrell Road end. The problem has arisen purely because of the way the developer has chosen to develop the site, starting at the wrong end.

We have taken this up with planning enforcement officers. In my view, the developers should be compensating residents of Hurrell Road and Broomgrove Road for their mistake. There’s also a risk that this situation could continue indefinitely, as there is no sign yet of the upper part of the site being developed. At the very least, this arrangement should be for a specific, temporary period. But ideally, as the developers have made this mistake, they should be required to live with it, and put in place safe traffic management so the people now living on the site can use the upper entrance.


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