Tressell ward report (August 2017)

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Little Acres Farm

The deferred decision on the Little Acres Farm planning application for 32 homes was, as anticipated, approved this month at the Planning Committee. Tania Charman spoke at committee as the local councillor, opposing removal of the social housing and commenting on the unfairness of the government’s ‘viability test’, which means developers can get away with providing no social housing in their sites, and councils have to approve the planning applications, even if they have a local policy that requires social housing in all developments (as we have).

‘Road to Nowhere’

There has still been no planning application for the ‘road to nowhere’ site further up Frederick Road, although the owners (Gemselect) have had some discussions with planners about the site.

Clifton Road to be resurfaced

The County Council is going to resurface Clifton Road, at the lower end. This part of the road has been in a poor condition for a long time, and Tania Charman, as the county councillor, has been urging the county council to do something about it. Finally, that’s going to happen – particularly important as Clifton Road is a bus route.

Ore Business Park housing development

Houses in the Ore Business Park site are nearing completion, at least in the lower part of the site. However, as local councillors we expressed concern that their proposed road layout didn’t include a section of cycle/greenway route, to link back to Hurrell Road and on to the Frederick Road site (see map in the Ore Valley Land article). East Sussex County Council Highways have also raised an objection on these grounds. What’s most important is that the land is at least set aside for this purpose, and not obstructed by other structures. The physical construction could take place later, when the greenway is built. But this access for the through route needs to be secured to make sure the greenway can be built.

And we’re back out delivering our local newsletters again. This weekend, it was the Cookson Gardens estate, and Frederick Road. Next week, we’ll be doing Clifton Road, Greville Road and Speckled Wood. You can see all our newsletters on our website.

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