Tressell ward report April 2018

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Ore Business Park

The Ore Business Park application variation (to change the access to the site to the lower gate from Hurrell Road) was sadly approved by planning committee, following comments from the county council highways department supporting the application. The permission has only been given for a two-year ‘temporary’ access, but it’s going to be hard to enforce that, particularly as the rest of the site is now on the market, so is likely to be the subject of a new planning application. The one glimmer of light is that the permission does mean that the access road to the completed houses will be closed off from the rest of the site, so construction traffic will not be able to use Hurrell Road. But we’re going to need to keep a careful eye on this.

Church Street

A new planning application has also been received for the Church Street site (the fenced-off area at the lower end of Clifton Road). The site already had permission for six homes. The new application is also for six homes, but they’ve avoided development of the ‘triangle’ area. That might seem good, but it means they’ve squeezed too many houses along Church Street and appear to be proposing development over areas that are protected for badger sett entrances, corridors, and foraging areas. Tania and I have said that we’d want this to go to planning committee and would oppose it, but if it’s recommended for refusal (which it probably will be) it can be decided by officers. To see the application, go here.

The Bridge

The Bridge Community Centre has now been transferred to the Parchment Trust, after a process where Hastings Voluntary Action worked with the former trust to find a new charity to take on the building, after the Bridge Trust was unable to raise the funding they needed to continue to run it. The Parchment Trust runs Friary Gardeners nursery on The Ridge, and works with people with disabilities and learning difficulties. You can find out about them on their website.

The nursery and play group that operates from The Bridge will continue, and Parchment Trust intend to use the building to further their work with their own client group. We’re hoping too that they’ll develop The Bridge as a local community centre with activities and events for people in Tressell Ward, and will also re-open the café.


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