Tressell ward report (April 2017)

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Little Acres Farm

A new planning application has been received on the Little Acres Farm site, off Frederick Road. The site already has planning approval for 30 houses, but the new application has increased the number to 32. Planners are now looking at the application to see if it complies with council policies on garden size, room size, design and ‘massing’. If this one doesn’t get approval, it’s likely that the developers will build out the previously approved scheme for 30 homes.

Road to Nowhere

Gemselect, the owners of the ‘road to nowhere’ site on Frederick Road are also talking to planners about a new development there, after the site had been abandoned for many years, then sold to developers in 2015. The site is shown outlined in red on the picture. An application has not yet been accepted, but will have to include a cycle/greenway route from Frederick Road to Hurrell Road. This will include sections through the Ore Business Park development (already being built, outlined in blue on the picture) and a section on council-owned land that links the two sites. The proposed route is shown in dotted purple on the picture. The aim then is to extend the route via the Broomgrove Road railway bridge across the power station site to Ore Station. In the future, it’s hoped to take the route also across Frederick Road and through Speckled Wood, although that’s not possible at the moment because of land ownership issues and Japanese knotweed problems.

Tania’s Election

Apart from that, work progresses on Tania’s county council election campaign. Election addresses will be delivered shortly. You’ll be getting a leaflet soon, or will have done already. We’ve been out knocking on doors in Broomgrove Road, St George’s Road, and Mount Pleasant recently, delivering a new local newsletter. To see the newsletters, visit our website.

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