Tressell Ward report (April 2016)

Little Acres Farm

Last month, I wrongly reported that the Little Acres Farm development still needed detailed planning permission. The development already has full planning permission, so the developers only need to submit the necessary documents to fulfil planning conditions before work can start. The development is for 30 homes. We opposed the planning application when it was brought to committee almost four years ago, but it was approved. Had it been submitted after the adoption of the new Local Plan last year, it wouldn’t have been approved, as it wouldn’t comply with more stringent design and space standards in our new set of planning policies. However, it does now seem likely that development will start on the site soon.

The two other potential development sites in the ward (at Ore Business Park and Frederick Road) have gone quiet for now. However, the sale of the Frederick Road site is I understand likely to complete soon, following which plans will be submitted for a housing scheme there.

Vent pipe

image015We recently identified a dangerous column (see picture) in Egremont Place. It was almost rusted through and clearly about to collapse. Getting something done about it was, however, not so simple. It turns out the be a sewer vent pipe, owned by Southern Water, although as it’s on the highway, ESCC have said they’ll make it safe. I haven’t checked for a couple of days, but this might already have been done. if it hasn’t, give it a wide berth, and don’t park anywhere near it!

And we’ve been out knocking on doors, where we’ve been delivering our latest newsletter, in St Georges Road. If you want to read it, and all the other local newsletters we’ve delivered over the last two years, you can find them here.

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