Pictured: Sarah from Camber, who has to travel 16 miles to Hastings to use Job Centre services. A consequence of the closure of crucial services at her local Tilling Green Community Centre.

Petition: Re-Open Rye Job Centre Drop-In

Since 2015, Rye residents lost the job centre drop-in that used to be based in Tilling Green Community Centre. This has meant that all job seekers and benefit claimants have to travel into Hastings to sign on regularly there. For some in Rye, this is a 21-mile round trip, taking 4 hours on local buses, and costing over £8 for a return. For many this journey must be made every single week.

Given jobseekers under 25 receive £57.90 and people over 25 receive £73.10, this is a significant proportion of what claimants receive each week. This journey is pushing people who are already struggling, deeper into poverty. Rye needs its own drop-in job centre again – either back in Tilling Green Community Centre, or in Rye Library, which would also be a suitable location.

Re-open the Rye Job Centre drop-in.

We, the undersigned, call on Amber Rudd, the Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions who is also the Hastings & Rye MP, to re-open the Rye Job Centre Drop-in service.

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