Ore ward report (September 2017)

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Local issues

At the August Ore Together meeting a number of Ore ward issues were raised including the missing nameplate for Eleanor Terrace in Middle Road and footpaths blocked by either overgrown vegetation or rubbish. All have been passed to the appropriate officer to resolve. Eleanor Terrace had had its nameplate replaced by the time it was reported. Many other issues were reported relating to Tressell ward so we passed these over to the Tressell ward councillors to deal with. A further issue concerned the Town Centre so the Castle ward councillor is dealing with it.
Two litter bins in the ward were reported missing: one in Old London Road just above the shops and the other outside Ore Village Primary Academy in Rye Road. The former was replaced by a new one straight after it was reported missing. We are still waiting for the other to return. A further bin in Pinders Walk which was burned out several months ago has finally been replaced with a new one. Unfortunately the remains of the old one were left behind.
A resident reported graffiti on the Harold Road sign opposite Alfred Road. We reported it and it was removed within a few days.

Don’t forget that you can report issues for which Hastings Council is responsible on the website or the MyHastings app on a smartphone and East Sussex County Council (mainly highways) on their website. Doing it yourself, saves time in resolving the problem.

Granger Way

The new development of 11 dwellings on the site of 91-93, 109 and rear of 103 Middle Road which received planning permission in December 2015 is to be called Granger Way. It is named after Second Lieutenant Frederick Collins Granger who the Military Cross in World War One. He died of wounds on 30th March 1917 aged 37. His wife lived in Pine Avenue.
If you can think of any people with local (i.e. Hastings or, better still, Ore) connections to add to the list from which developers choose the names of new streets, please let us know. You can see the Street Naming Policy here and the names currently on the list here. All those who have received military honours are already on the list.

Winchelsea/Grove Roads alley gate

As we reported a few months ago, rubbish dumped in the alley between Winchelsea Road and Grove Road has been plaguing residents for many years. Following the Council’s recent consultation with residents, the alley has been cleared of rubbish, the vegetation cut back and a sturdy gate has been fitted at the Red Lake Terrace entrance as shown in the photo. Let’s hope this will stop the fly-tipping.

Gardening scam

An elderly resident recently received a visit from a man stating that he had just spoken to her husband who had agreed that he should do their garden for £80. The resident said she didn’t have the money in the house so he agreed to return later which he did. In the meantime, she had phoned her husband who confirmed that he had spoken to the man and refused his offer. Without opening the door, she told him through the window that the garden did not need doing and she wasn’t going to pay. After trying to persuade her to change her mind, he walked away. This has been reported to the police who said that they had received many similar reports. If you suspect a scam, you should report it to Action Fraud 0300 123 2040 or the website.

Sandown “beat the street”

Congratulations to Sandown Primary School for coming second in the county-wide Beat the Street initiative. The initiative transformed East Sussex into a giant walking, running and cycling game – with residents racing around their local neighbourhood and tapping special Beat Boxes on lampposts becoming a familiar sight across the County. Tens of thousands of residents took part in this mass participation health improvement event designed to get people active in their community. Local schools, workplaces and community groups created teams and competed against each other to see who could travel the furthest to win some fantastic prizes.

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