Ore ward report (November 2017)

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Save Ore Library

The campaign to persuade East Sussex County Council not to close Ore Library as proposed has continued apace with over a thousand people signing the paper petition and more online. We have held two meetings to plan the campaign with more than a dozen people from across the political spectrum coming to each. Ore WI organised a community protest demonstration on Saturday 28th August with dozens of residents gathering at the Ore Community Centre and walking across to the library with placards, books and banners. Further events are planned including a fund-raising concert and auction on 24th November and a “welcome committee” at the ESCC Cabinet meeting in December. The campaign is in touch with similar campaigns to save the other 6 threatened libraries.
At the Hastings Borough Council meeting on 18th October, Richard proposed a motion opposing the proposal to close Ore Library which was carried by 28 votes to 1. You can read the Minutes of the meeting here.
A lot of interest has been shown by local media with articles in the Observer, Hastings Online Times and Hastings Independent. In addition Richard has recorded interviews for BBC Radio Sussex and More Radio. The consultation runs until 14th December with the final decision being made in February/March by the Cabinet of ESCC. Everybody is encouraged to take part in the consultation (online or paper copies available at all libraries) and by writing to the Cabinet members whose email addresses are on the campaign website or by post at County Hall, St Ann’s Crescent, Lewes BN7 1UE.

On Saturday 28th October around 60 local people gathered at the OreCommunity Centre waving posters, placards, books and banners in a community protest against the closure. They walked across Rye Road to the library where they were greeted with cheers from passers-by and hooting from cars in support. Among those taking part were the leader of Hastings Council, Peter Chowney, local residents and library users and both of us.

Fairlight Avenue resurfacing at last!

After years of underinvestment and broken promises from East Sussex County Council, Highways have finally agreed to resurface Fairlight Avenue. The road will be closed between 1st and 3rd November to ensure the road is properly resurfaced as we have been requesting on behalf of and residents for ages.
Michael, a former county councillor, said: “It’s about time! County Hall have been promising and breaking those promises year after year about sorting out this road. Residents have been complaining about damaged cars and debris being left on pavements due to the road surface being damaged forever. I’m glad ESCC has finally relented to pressure and given us Ore residents the attention we deserve. I’m also proud that the community and we councillors have finally got the result residents deserve.”

Pavement Gulleys in Ore Village

When the pavement in front of the shops in Old London Road was resurfaced with tarmac in March 2014, gulleys covered with metal grills were installed to take rainwater from drainpipes into the gutter and thence to drains in the highway. It is clear that this work was not completed as the grills were not fixed even though there were holes for the bolts to secure them. Frequently vehicles parking at the side of the road hit the gulley knocking the grill out of position and sometimes distorting the gulley itself. This creates a serious trip hazard. Walking along the pavement, we have often replaced the grills ourselves.
Business owners have been told that they are responsible for putting right this failure on the part of ESCC contractors even though the work was done without any prior discussion with them. How can this possibly be correct? Surely the contractors should have competed the job in the first place or be called back to complete it now.
The gulleys are now blocked with soil and weeds and one has even been filled in with tarmac so water from the drainpipes will simply drain across the pavements turning to ice whenever the weather is cold enough. Highways seem reluctant to respond.

Down Farm Community Centre Breakfast Club

Down Farm Community Centre is pleased to announce the return of the weekly Breakfast Club! It starts back this Friday (3rd November) from 9-10.30am. All are welcome.
Food is a bargain from 50p for a bacon, sausage or egg sandwich. Teas and coffee free so do drop in for a cuppa.

Don’t forget that you can report issues for which Hastings Council is responsible at www.hastings.gov.uk or the MyHastings app on a smartphone and East Sussex County Council (mainly highways) at www.eastsussex.gov.uk Doing it yourself, saves time in resolving the problem.

Recordings of all public Council meetings can now be found on the Council’s website

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