Ore ward report (May 2017)

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County Council election 4th May

Don’t forget to vote in the elections for East Sussex County Council on 4th May. As we have reported before, Michael is standing down from the County Council so we will have a new councillor from 5th May. As the media are far more interested in the General Election on 8th June, these very important elections could get forgotten. The County Council is currently Conservative-controlled and needs a strong Labour representation to keep them in check.

Winchelsea Road/Grove Road alley

The alley that runs behind properties in Winchelsea Road and Grove Road has been a big problem for many years as rubbish of all kinds is dumped there, often by the residents themselves. The alley is the responsibility of the residents and not the Council but, following so many complaints, Council officers have put forward a scheme to clear the rubbish and erect gates at each entrance with residents holding keys. All residents in the two roads have received a letter outlining the proposal and asking for their views. We have to wait and see whether they are prepared to take up the offer and the responsibilities that go with it.

North’s Seat fly-tipping

Fly-tipping returned to the section of Mill Lane adjacent to North’s Seat on the edge of the Country Park recently. In addition to the rubbish, a car had been left and burnt out. A local dogwalker reported this to us and police and the Council’s contractors cleared it all within 48 hours.
Don’t forget to report all rubbish you see defacing the area using the MyHastings app on your mobile or the website. If you don’t use either, you can phone 01424-451077. If that doesn’t work, then contact us either by phone, email or social media.

April Full Council

The Council meeting on 19th April was another marathon lasting 3 and a half hours. You can see the agenda here. Richard proposed a motion calling on the Government to restore to schools the funding needed so they don’t have to make cuts in staffing, curriculum, etc. following their decision to maintain funding at cash levels without allowing for inflation, increased costs and additional pupil numbers. Michael also spoke in support. It was carried with all Labour councillors supporting it and Conservatives and the one Independent abstaining. You will be able to see a recording of the meeting in the link at the end of this report shortly.

309-311 Harold Road

Last month we reported that the Council’s Grotbusters were taking on these dilapidated buildings whose owners are a company based in Turks & Caicos. The company has now appointed an agent to oversee the improvement work on the properties and a schedule of work is being prepared. This is progress but we will wait until the work has been completed and the building back in good condition and occupied before considering the job complete.

Recordings of all public Council meetings can now be found on the Council’s website. This replaces any links we’ve shared in previous reports.

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