Ore ward report (May 2016)

Elections – May 5th

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Sandown crossing

Sandown School crossingRegular readers will know that we have been campaigning alongside parents, staff and pupils at Sandown School on The Ridge to have a light-controlled crossing replace the zebra outside the school. Some 18 months ago we were promised by the Highway Authority at East Sussex County Council that this would happen. Since then, there have been excuses and delays but it is in the budget for 2016-17 so it will happen. Michael is meeting highways officers shortly to demand answers and pressure them into getting on with the job. Apparently the latest delay is because they have just noticed that there is a dropped kerb in front of one of the houses and this is not permitted in the marked zone of a light-controlled crossing. Why didn’t they realise this all those months ago when they first drew up the plans? Why can’t they just move the crossing a few metres to resolve the problem? Parents have started up another petition to be presented to the Lead Member for Highways at Lewes. This has our full support. The safety of children is far too important to allow this to be delayed any further.

Road repairs

Several months ago we were assured by the Highway Authority at East Sussex County Council that the potholes at the junction of Red Lake Terrace, Rock Lane and Winchelsea Road as well as those in Winchelsea Lane would be repaired “shortly”. Nothing has yet been done so we continue to put pressure on them to do the work. The latest reply from Highways states: “we are investigating” and adds: “we are currently going through a contract change which may cause some delay with our response but please rest assured that I will get back to you as soon as I am able.” A further update says: “Although we aim to repair within 28 days, it can take a maximum of 6 months.” We make no further comment!


Nobody can have failed to notice how much litter there is on our streets. This has got far worse in recent weeks. We both report it whenever we see it but Veolia, Hastings Council’s contractors, are paid to keep the streets free from rubbish. They are clearly failing in that job. We are putting pressure on the council officers who manage the contract to compel them to raise their game and fulfil the terms of the contract. Of course, if people didn’t drop their litter in the first place, we wouldn’t need to spend so much money clearing up after them. Please report any street litter or unemptied bin by phone (01424 451066), internet www.hastings.gov.uk or www.fixmystreet.com or phone one of us. We are particularly concerned that the bin outside Ore Village Primary Academy is often overflowing because it is not emptied frequently enough.

Inconsiderate parking

TescoParkingTraffic wardens were out dealing with inconsiderate parkers outside Sandown School, Ore Village Primary Academy and Tesco recently but what a shame that far too many people choose to park on double yellow lines, school crossing zigzags, bus stops and other places putting lives at risk and causing major inconvenience to other road users.

Neighbourhood Police

Sussex police
We have been fortunate in Ore to have had an excellent Neighbourhood Police Team who have dealt quickly and effectively with anti-social behaviour. The fact that they know the area and are well-known to local residents helps keep the area safe and secure. However this is all about to change as new policing arrangements come into place and Neighbourhood Policing becomes a thing of the past. However the top brass at Sussex Police may try to dress this up, it is a significant downgrading of the service we have come to expect. In the future, if you report an incident, it will be graded and then dealt with according to the level of seriousness by a team of PCSOs or police officers who are centrally based and almost certainly won’t know the area or the people involved. We have had many conversations with officers recently and they are totally demoralised and angry that, in the future, they won’t be able to continue to do the job they’ve enjoyed and done so well up to now.
Our dedicated PCSO of many years, Anna Eason, has been successful in her application for a new role as investigator on the Response Investigator Team and will leave us in early May, a month or so before the new arrangements come in.

Country Park cattle

The British White cattle that we have mentioned several times in our reports, Belted Galloways
were due to leave the Country Park by the end of April. This is because Sussex Wildlife Trust intend to take them into a larger herd to breed and sell. Hastings Council is taking this opportunity to try out a different breed of cattle for conservation grazing, 5 Belted Galloways (pictured), known as Belties. The Belted Galloway is a heritage beef breed of cattle originating from Galloway in southern Scotland, adapted to living on the poor upland pastures and windswept moorlands of the region so will fit in well in Warren Glen. They are coming from a farm at Battle. The Belties will initially be put into the big Warren Glen Field and, once acclimatised, will be allowed to roam free in Warren Glen and the cliffs.

Library bench

We have been assured that the replacement bench outside Ore library should be in place very soon.

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