Ore Ward report April 2018

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Welcome to our final report.

Water Crisis

Early in March, the sudden thaw caused pipes to burst in many parts of the ward. This left hundreds of residents without water, in some cases, for four days. Residents on the Down Farm estate rallied round and supported one another magnificently. Community Centre managers, Sarah Stone and Fiona Stepanek along with many others kept the Community Centre open for 12 hours a day to distribute bottled water to those without. They knocked on every door in the wider area to check that anybody who needed help got it. Residents of one block of flats were forced to leave their homes and all their belongings when a burst pipe in the roof flooded the block. Again the support of local residents for these people was awesome. Staff from Optivo Housing Association, Southern Water and Hastings Council also played their part. This featured on local television and radio as well as Radio 4’s Today programme.

Don’t forget to vote on 3rd May

You will have 2 votes in the local elections on 3rd May as all 32 council seats are up for election following boundary changes. The boundary of Ore ward has changed slightly to include Victoria Avenue and those sections of Clifton and Coghurst Roads between Victoria Avenue and The Ridge. The polling station for these residents will be the Salvation Army in Old London Road. Everybody else will vote at their usual polling station at Down Farm Community Centre or the Salvation Army.
If you prefer, you can, of course, vote by post. The deadline to register to vote in this election is 17th April. For a postal vote, if you aren’t already registered for one, the deadline is 13th April. You can find all the information here.

This is our last report as Ore councillors as we are both standing down at the elections on 3rd May. It’s been a real privilege to represent you all over the last few years. We’ve taken up and, usually, resolved so many problems for residents as well as listening to views on how to improve the area and we’re proud of our record. In Ore, we are so fortunate to have met and worked with so many people giving up their time and energy to help and support their neighbours and the environment. It’s a very special area. You haven’t seen the last of us, however, as we both continue to live in Ore.

Don’t forget that you can report issues for which Hastings Council is responsible on the website or the MyHastings app on a smartphone and East Sussex County Council (mainly highways) at www.eastsussex.gov.uk Doing it yourself, saves time in resolving the problem.

Recordings of all public Council meetings can now be found on the Council’s website

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All meetings will be at the
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