Hastings Council Leader’s Report March 2020

Rough Sleeping There have been significant reductions in the number of rough sleepers in Hastings over the past year. Between January 2019 and January 2020 a total of 79 rough sleepers were successfully moved into permanent accommodation, and a further 19 cases at imminent risk of rough sleeping were successfully prevented. The number of rough […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report January 2020

Apologies for the lengthy gap since the previous report – the election campaign got in the way… normal service now resumes … but a Happy New Year to you all! This edition is a ‘Budget Special’ – I’m afraid it doesn’t make for very happy reading. Council Budget As we enter the New Year, the […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report February 2020

CHART The Connecting Hastings and Rother Together Project is finally getting off the ground, starting to set up specific projects to benefit the most deprived communities in Hastings and Bexhill. This was an EU funded project with a total funding (including match funding) of around £6m. Hastings Council made a successful funding application for this […]

Housing shortage

Kayleigh’s story: cramped and desperate victim of homes crisis This is the story of Kayleigh – featured in a Labour advertisement in the Hastings Observer in November 2019 – and told here in full for the first time. Home for Kayleigh, 33, and her three children – Rosie, 10; Alana, 2; and six-month-old Trent – […]

Crisis at the Conquest

Staff speak out about shameful cuts at our local hospital Nurses at the Conquest Hospital in Hastings are regularly working 60-hour weeks. This is because of a pay cap that has limited rises to just 1.5% per year. This puts extra stress on staff who are already under pressure in what is supposed to be a […]

Train pledge exposed

Autumn … and more Tory lies on the line The Tories would have to spend a vast amount of money – upwards of £20 billion – to create a faster rail service between Hastings and London. This is based on the £400 million-per-mile cost of the current HS2 project linking London to the North. Besides replacing track, […]

Schools squeeze

Local schools facing further Tory cuts in 2020 There will be £1.5 million less spent on schools in Hastings & Rye next year – with the squeeze on budgets now reaching crisis proportions. In East Sussex as a whole, it is a loss of £11 million. The cuts, which affect 23 out of 30 schools […]

Food banks

Desperately low-paid drive sharp rise in Hastings food bank demand Hastings’ main food bank has just had its biggest October on record, with a sharp increase in those being referred for emergency food aid. The government’s cruel benefits system is driving thousands more to rely on food banks. And the situation this winter is getting […]

Labour’s Pledge on Climate Change

Together we can protect our children’s future Ten years and counting… that’s how long we have to limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5ºC, or risk a catastrophic rise of 4ºC by the end of the century. “A 4ºC rise and a third of the constituency could be underwater” Climate change is by far […]