Labour’s Pledge on Climate Change

Together we can protect our children’s future

Ten years and counting… that’s how long we have to limit the increase in global temperatures to 1.5ºC, or risk a catastrophic rise of 4ºC by the end of the century.

“A 4ºC rise and a third of the constituency
could be underwater”

Climate change is by far the most important issue facing humanity. That’s why the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we must act now.

A potential three metre rise in the North Atlantic would mean that here in Hastings & Rye almost a third of the area of the constituency would be underwater. Thousands would be displaced from
their homes.

Globally, there would be crop failures, storms and heatwaves, flooding, civil disorder and a massive refugee crisis.

The current commitment to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050 is not fast enough. As leader of Hastings Borough Council, I got the council to adopt a policy to make Hastings carbon neutral by 2030, but while we can all make some difference, it will require governments to make the major changes needed.

“We need to act now to avoid disaster”

Labour’s policies to help us tackle climate change include:

  • Ensuring that 60% of the UK’s energy comes from low-carbon or renewable sources within 12 years
    of coming to power
  • Setting up publicly-owned community car-sharing clubs, putting 30,000 electric cars on the streets for hire by local people
  • Investing £3.6 billion in creating a nationally-owned electric vehicle charging network
  • Removing the barriers to onshore wind farms put in place by the Conservative government
  • Investing in projects to support the creation of a thriving renewables industry with good, long-term jobs across the UK
  • Providing £2.3 billion per year in financial support to insulate
    4 million homes, while introducing
    a zero-carbon standard for
    new-build homes
  • Making landowners responsible for creating safe habitats for birds and wild animals and encourage the growth of wildflowers
  • Setting targets for plastic bottle deposit schemes, working with food manufacturers and retailers to reduce waste
  • Banning shale gas fracking throughout the UK

As the MP for Hastings & Rye, I would bring together councils, businesses, communities, and individuals to face this, our biggest ever challenge.

Children with their school strikes and global protests are showing the way – it is their futures at stake.

The UK has the opportunity and responsibility to inspire further global action. Together, we can prevent catastrophic climate change – with a Labour Government.

Peter Chowney

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