Hastings & Rye LP supported Nagasaki ceremony in Alexandra Park

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As previously noted here on Tuesday 9th August there was a ceremony at dusk  in Alexandra Park with music accompanied by the release of lighted floating candles across the lake  to commemorate the loss of lives at Hiroshima and Nagaski in August 1945 because of the dropping of nuclear bombs.

Organised by Hastings against War with proceedings conducted by Rona Drennan, the event was opened by Judy Rogers, central branch councillor and Mayor.There were many local labour party and trade union members present including Peter Chowney, leader of the council, Nigel Sinden, deputy mayor, and councillors Mike Turner and Dominic Sabatien. The presence of labour supporters was unsurprising given the policy of the local party.

Rona Drennan

In April Hastings & Rye LP  made  submissions to the Labour Defence Review and advocated , amongst other things, that we should :

“use Britain’s prominence not as an end in itself but to lead action for nuclear disarmament, and to place its leverage, weight and credibility at the service of this UN initiative.Trident renewal is not just about the UK: if the Party votes to renew, it would undermine the UN disarmament initiative; whereas opposition to renewal will empower their work.”

and ask, “how renewing Trident to last until 2070 is not in total breach of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that Britain signed in 1970, undertaking “in good faith” to take “the earliest possible effective measures” towards “complete” nuclear disarmament. If not now, when exactly is nuclear disarmament to happen?”

and agree,”any state that breaks an international ban on owning or hosting nuclear weapons may be stigmatised, sanctioned and pressured, whether that state signs up to a treaty or not, and that compliance is a matter for each state and will not be lessened by its being in a nuclear alliance or Treaty.”

Notable by her absence at the commemoration was Tory MP Amber Rudd.snapshot Nagaski 2016


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