Castle Ward Report September 2018

Castle Ward Report September 2018

The summer has been really busy in Castle Ward but there is a lot of good points and progress being made right across the ward as follows:

Wellington Square

Relationships between the street community and the local residents continues to be problematic and is in common with not only areas within Castle Ward but also in Central St Leonards. Leah and myself have continued to be in contact with the residents, the police and our enforcement team and attended a meeting held recently where we were able to put our concerns to the police and the Police and Crime Commissioner. Amber Rudd was chairing the meeting but I don’t expect any support from there! The review is under way to look at extending the ‘no alcohol’ zone to not only Wellington Square but also St Andrews Square.

York Gardens

We are continuing to work with the residents and businesses in the Queens Arcade and York Gardens. Some of the issues with anti social behaviour is similar to that being experienced by residents of Wellington Square.

Pelham Crescent

Residents in the Crescent have formed their own residents’ group and held their first meeting at the end of August which Leah and I attended. We are planning some clean up sessions on the crescent and pushing to get the resurfacing of the crescent carried out.

White Rock and Bohemia Quarter

The consultation which has been going on has just closed and so now officers will be looking at all the comments and there will be some further feedback sessions and we will keep everyone posted on dates.

Observer Building 

A local community group being led by Jess Steele, who has an interest in Rock House, are looking to putting in a bid on the building which is for sale again. Their plans are very similar, if they are successful, to those suggested by the current owner although the additional floors to be added would be less. At the moment they are trying to raise the funds so we will see what happens.

Hastings Pier

There is a lot on social media from various groups about the Pier and its new owner. Currently he has put a chalet on the front apron which is deemed to be a permanent structure because it has been installed with electricity and water but he does not have planning permission for it. The enforcement team have been working with him to apply for retrospective planning permission and the deadline has not passed for that to be submitted. I am not aware that anything has been received so we will continue to chase.

Judy, Leah and Godfrey

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