Canvassers hit the streets in Rye

Turning Rother red!

Labour Party canvassers in Rye on Saturday… last knockings in a spirited and well received local election campaign, reports Rick Dillon. Voting this coming Thursday (May 2). Results Friday.

Contact rate massively up thanks to help from party members in Hastings and St Leonards.

Cheryl Creaser

Jonathan Lee

This is just a few of us on the day, canvassing in central Rye for Jonathan Lee and Cheryl Creaser. Earlier on, Peter Chowney and other comrades canvassed in Rye town centre.

What is obvious is the complacency with which the Tories treat voters. One woman I spoke to said we were the only canvassers she had seen. Her concerns are lack of policing, despite their being a new police station in the town centre. And also of inadequate street lighting making the town a ‘scary’ place to walk through at night.

These are just two of the concerns, ignored by the Tories, that Labour councillors will take up if we get a voice on the currently Tory-dominated council.

Meanwhile in Bexhill…

Erica Smith joined Bexhill Labour Party members in Bexhill town centre to campaign for Labour candidates Christine Bayliss and Paul Courtel.

Again, the contact rate was excellent and constituents were enthusiastic about getting Labour councillors elected. One of the key campaigning points for Labour is supporting the proposal for a Town Council. A recent consultation showed 93% of respondents were in favour of a Town Council for Bexhill, but the Tory-run council still refuses to support the proposal.

Here’s to turning Rother red!




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