Braybrooke Ward report March 2018

If you would like to discuss any of the items below or to sign up for our monthly email report, please contact Cllrs Sue Beaney, Dominic Sabetian and Godfrey Daniel.

Your local Borough Councillors Dominic Sabetian and Sue Beaney, together with your County Councillor Godfrey Daniel (pictured above), all of whom live in Braybrooke Ward, have been busy responding to residents’ concerns including:

  • Getting Hughenden Road, Hughenden Place and St Helens Road resurfaced and dealing with ‘snagging’ issues.
  • Getting street signs and markings improved in Verdant Close, Hillyglen Close and Selmeston Close, as well as getting faded lines repainted at the junction of Laton Road and St Helens Park Road and in Lower Park Road.
  • Having repairs made to the ‘Puffin’ pedestrian crossing in Mount Pleasant Road near the junction with Hughenden Place to give people more time to cross the road, thus enhancing the safety of residents.
  • Pressing council officers for repairs to be made to the hoarding of the old Hollingsworth site in Braybrooke Road which was unsafe in places and certainly unattractive.
  • Arranging for the repair of manhole covers or their surrounds in Braybrooke Road and Linton Road.
  • Having overhanging trees and vegetation cut back in Amherst Road and Braybrooke Terrace.
  • Working with the Council’s renowned ‘Grotbuster’ team getting eyesore buildings in Baldslow Road, St Helens Road and Hughenden Road all spruced up.
  • Supporting Playdays and other activities in Alexandra Park and Linton Gardens with the Friends groups of each of these beautiful parks in our ward.
  • Reporting potholes – everywhere – and trying to get them dealt with – not an easy task as the County Council will only intervene if they are 40mm (4cm) deep!
  • Attending residents meetings for Mount Pleasant Road, Priory Close, Sherwood Close and Winterbourne, as well as meeting individual residents, and listening to the concerns and views expressed and taking action where necessary. Encouraging people to join “Better Braybrooke” so that we can help to further improve our area.

As well as these examples, we have achieved lots of other changes for the better – removal of flytips and graffiti, repairing of non-working streetlights, unblocking of road drains, clearing paths and steps of litter and mess and helping residents with missed bin collections.


This is an example of a property in Baldslow Road which we got ‘grotbusted’. So much nicer for its residents, neighbours and our community!

In the run up to the Borough Council elections on 3 May 2018 we will be calling on every household in the ward. If you are not on the electoral register then do get yourself on it (it also can help with your credit rating!); this can be done by phoning Hastings Borough Council on (01424) 451087 or going online. You will need to have your National Insurance Number to hand, as that is part of the process.

As ward boundaries have changed in Hastings, all Council seats will be up for election this year. So you will have 2 votes as 2 councillors will be elected to represent Braybrooke. If you will be away on 3 May, you can apply for a postal or proxy vote – if you don’t know how to do this have a chat with one of us!

We do hope you will support Sue Beaney and Dominic Sabetian so they can carry on working for our community.

If there are other matters which concern you please do not hesitate to contact us.

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