Braybrooke ward report

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It has been a good Summer for Braybrooke in 2017, with monthly picnics in Linton Gardens, play days in the Pocket Park off Hughenden Road, and the play days in Alexandra Park, amongst all the quirky events our town has to offer. Thank you to all that have made these events possible!

Highways and Footways

We receive lots of concerns about the state of roads and pavements in Braybrooke, so we were pleased when Hughenden Road and Hughenden Place were resurfaced earlier this year. Sadly, the County’s Footway Programme for 2017/18 doesn’t include any in Hastings – despite planning 8 for Bexhill and 9 for Eastbourne. We are very concerned about this and have raised this at the County Council. Please let us know if there are specific problems with roads or pavements where you live, so that we can report the details to the Highways Steward.

Braybrooke Road

The former “Hollingsworth Garage” site

The hoarding around this vacant site has suffered from vandalism and ‘wear and tear’ so we are asking the Borough Council’s ‘Grotbusters’ to get the owners to repair and repaint it. Hopefully, by the time you read this, it will be done! We know that this is not a long-term solution and at some time we expect there will be further proposals for this area but, in the meantime, surely it shouldn’t be such a blot on our landscape?

If there are other matters which concern you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We’d like to thank Tony Allan, a Braybrooke resident, for allowing us to use his photographs

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