Hastings Council Leader’s Report March 2020

Rough Sleeping There have been significant reductions in the number of rough sleepers in Hastings over the past year. Between January 2019 and January 2020 a total of 79 rough sleepers were successfully moved into permanent accommodation, and a further 19 cases at imminent risk of rough sleeping were successfully prevented. The number of rough […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report February 2020

CHART The Connecting Hastings and Rother Together Project is finally getting off the ground, starting to set up specific projects to benefit the most deprived communities in Hastings and Bexhill. This was an EU funded project with a total funding (including match funding) of around £6m. Hastings Council made a successful funding application for this […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report January 2020

Apologies for the lengthy gap since the previous report – the election campaign got in the way… normal service now resumes … but a Happy New Year to you all! This edition is a ‘Budget Special’ – I’m afraid it doesn’t make for very happy reading. Council Budget As we enter the New Year, the […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report: October 2019

Index of Multiple Deprivation 2019 Every four years, the government publishes its Index of Multiple Deprivation (IMD). This uses a range of measures, including unemployment, child poverty, income, health, housing conditions and education, to give an overall deprivation ‘score’. These scores are calculated for each neighbourhood (known as a Lower Super Output Area) in England […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report: September 2019

Hastings Council Budget Last week, the Chancellor announced the public spending review in his Autumn Statement, detailing increased public spending across most departments, including local government. The headline additional funding for local government was a £2.7bn increase, but a lot of this was either schemes already announced or additional funding resulting from increased levels of […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report: August 2019

Regeneration in Hastings: A Short History As August is a quiet month (no Cabinet meeting, not much to report), I thought it would be useful to look at the history, and future, of regeneration in Hastings: what happened, what worked, what didn’t, what the prospects are for the future. So here’s a ‘summer special regeneration […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report: July 2019

New Waste Arrangements Last weekend, Hastings Council’s current waste and recycling contract ended, and new arrangements began. The previous contract, run by Kier, covered four East Sussex councils (Hastings, Rother, Eastbourne, and Wealden), but had never performed well. In addition, the collapse in value of recycled materials meant the contract was no longer viable, as […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report: June 2019

Hastings Council Events Reduced government funding has meant Hastings Council, and others, have less to spend on local events and festivals. Despite this, we’ve managed to continue the council’s own events programme. These start with the Mid-Summer Fish Festival on 22nd – 23rd June, on the Stade Open Space. As well as the stalls offering […]

Hastings Council Leader’s Report: May 2019

Local Elections Although there were no elections in Hastings this year, there were in neighbouring Rother Council, where all council seats were up for election. The results were: Conservative 14 Independent 13 Liberal Democrat 7 Labour 3 Green 1 So the council is no longer Conservative controlled. Latest news is that a coalition of non-Conservative […]