Seebohm Rowntree, poverty and Hastings

Over a hundred years ago quaker philanthropist Seebohm Rowntree published a ground breaking report on poverty in York. This key report challenged the idea that poverty was people’s individual fault and showed it was due to low wages. Importantly he defined poverty not just in terms of poor housing and bad nutrition but it meant […]

Amber Rudd and drugs and drink on the BBC

Interesting that the BBC radio 4 progamme Profile today discussed the rapid rise of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary. Interesting too that the programme repeated Rudd’s  quote in the Financial Times  of  26 April 2013, namely, that people were moving down to Hastings not to work but to have “easier access to friends and drink […]

An update from our chair Paul Barnett

It is six months since I was elected as Chair of Hastings and Rye Labour Party, along with Sarah Owen (Vice Chair) and Jonathan Lee (Secretary). Where has the time gone? So much has happened locally and nationally. We had our best ever local election results in May, then a really disappointing outcome to the […]