What’s it like being a Labour county councillor?

Are you interested in finding out more about what’s involved in being a county councillor?What campaigns do they run? How can you help? How can you put  yourself forward to represent Hastings and Rye Labour Party in next year’s county council elections? There are three meeting in different parts of the constituency – St Leonards, […]

Gustav Mahler and the University of Hastings

Jeremy Corbyn has received some flack for saying that classical music and the cultural events that the middle classes take for granted should be available to all. He explained his liking for the emotional music of Mahler.  The relevance of his remarks can be seen in the wraparound on this week’s Hastings Observer.The local college […]

Have you had your ballot paper?

By now Hastings and Rye LP members & paid up supporters entitled to vote in the leadership election should have received ballot papers. As previously advised the local party nominated Jeremy Corbyn overwhelmingly. If you have any queries about the ballot go to labour.org.uk/ballotqueries or call 0345 092 2299. You can vote by post or […]

Michael Foster and Michael Foster

We are happy to confirm that local Labour Party member – and former local MP – is an entirely different person to the former ‘agent to the stars’ Michael Foster who has: -taken the Labour Party to court; -heckled Jeremy Corbyn at the launch of the Chakrabarti report; -accused supporters of the Labour leader of […]

Hastings & Rye Labour Party in the majority

As previously noted here, Hastings & Rye LP nominated Jeremy Corbyn as leader. We are pleased that we were one of 285 constituency labour parties to do this. That is 84% of the local LPs that chose to make a nomination. This compares to 39% of local labour parties who nominated him in 2015. The […]

Shelley and Hastings and Rye Labour Party

At a meeting of Hastings & Rye Labour Party specifically convened this week to endorse new members and supporters  already agreed by the national administration we were pleased to welcome those who have recently joined – whether they are permitted to vote in the leadership election or not! Currently in Hastings and Rye we have […]

What about Hastings Pride, Amber?

In her opinion piece in this week’s Hastings Observer, local Tory MP Amber Rudd took the opportunity to support Brighton Pride that took place on August 6th. All well and good but what about Hastings own Pride event? Or perhaps this has passed her by? Hastings & Rye Labour Party is pleased to support Hastings […]

Hastings & Rye nominees elected to Labour Party National Executive Committee

The six candidates nominated by the Hastings & Rye Labour Party for the National Executive Committee of the party have all been elected. They are Ann Black (100,999), Christine Shawcroft (97,510), Claudia Webbe (92,377), Darren Williams (87,003),Rhea Wolfson  (85,687),Pete Willsman (81,863). Full results can be found by clicking on this link.

Tressell Ward report (August 2016)

Ore Business Park Work on the Old Ore Business Park housing development continues, with complaints continuing about lorries using Broomgrove and Hurrell roads for access. Planning officers have now issued enforcement notices to stop this, and get the developer to comply with other conditions that have so far been ignored. Ore Community Land Trust AGM […]