Tressell ward report (March 2017)

To comment on any of the items below or obtain further information, please contact Cllrs Tania Charman and Peter Chowney.

There are several planning issues in the ward at the moment. They are:

Fredrick Road site (‘road to nowhere’): This is owned by Gemselect and will be developed for housing. Initial discussions have taken place with planners, and there may be housing association involvement in the development as well as housing for sale. A planning application is expected soon.

Little Acres Farm: An entirely new application has been submitted for this site, by Park Lane Group who now own it. However, the new application is for more homes than before (32 I think) and some of the gardens are not the 10m length required by council planning policy. As ward councillors, Tania and I will be objecting to it, if it’s recommended for approval (although it probably won’t be with undersized gardens).

Church Street: A full application was submitted for this site, but then withdrawn.
That was because it was the wrong kind of application, as they weren’t proposing any material changes to the approved outline application. A ‘reserved matters’ application will now be submitted instead, which we’ll look at when it’s received.

Highways walkabout

Tania also did a walkabout in the Tressell and Old Hastings county division with the ESCC highways steward recently too – they picked up a range issues, including potholes, loose kerbstones, and damaged pavements. Hopefully some of these will put right now.

County Council election campaign

Apart from that, work has begun on Tania’s county council campaign. You’ll be getting a leaflet soon, or will have done already. We’ve been out knocking on doors in Farley Bank recently, delivering a new local newsletter, and Bembrook Road, with another newsletter. To see the newsletters, visit our website.

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