Tressell Ward report (December 2016)

Church Street

image022Residents have been concerned about fencing that’s appeared around the Church Street development site, by the junction with Clifton Road. This site was owned by the Homes and Communities Agency, who sold it on with outline planning permission a couple of years ago. However, no development can take place there at the moment, until a detailed planning permission is submitted and approved. The site owner is entitled to erect fencing around their site without any permissions, although fences along a highway should be no more than 1m high (unless they replace a pre-existing fence), so the council’s planning enforcement officers have been in touch. None of this however affects the Speckled Wood protected area – this site was excluded from the protected area by the Planning Inspector when the Local Plan was approved. Tania Charman and I opposed the outline planning application when it came to planning committee, on the grounds that the proposed five houses was too much development on a small site. We will oppose it again if a detailed application is submitted for a similar density.

Frederick Road floods again!

Once again, Frederick Road flooded at the ‘Speckled Wood dip’, following heavy rain last week. This happens because the culvert that takes the stream beneath the road gets blocked by debris washed down in the Speckled Wood stream. We’ve asked the county council to clear it out, and to fit a better ‘sieve’ to keep the debris out. Tania Charman, as the county councillor, will continue to pursue that one.


We’ve also been back out knocking on doors and delivering our local newsletters, most recently in Percy, Coghurst and Clifton Roads. All the local newsletters we’ve delivered over the last two years can be found here.

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