Support rail unions’ actions in the interest of safety for passengers

Hastings & Rye Labour Party supports our trade union brothers and sisters employed by Southern Rail (Govia) who are taking industrial action in support of  their safety role. The current dispute is not about pay but the erosion of the service that passengers need.

Guards working on Southern Rail were balloted on the strike action today. Of 393 balloted, 321 voted (81%) of these 306 (77% of the total members) voted yes. These numbers easily outstrip the hurdles proposed for union ballots by the Tory right in terms of both turnout and the majority in favour of action.

Hastings & Rye Labour Party recently passed a motion supporting ‘the publicly expressed wish for staffed ticket offices and stations, and for a guard on door duty on every train, to oversee what is officially acknowledged as the most likely point for accidents during a rail journey – the moment of dispatch from the station.’ It also supported the view that the job of the driver is to ‘attend to signals ahead at the time of departure, not to attempt to oversee a crowded platform, with or without new technology.’

According to his linked in profile, Charles Horton the CEO of Govia  has ‘ extensive management experience gained at London Underground, Connex and with my current employer, GoVia. I have held Board level appointments with these companies and also worked in operations, change management, human resources and investment planning. ‘A pity he seems to have learnt little about good industrial relations from that experience!

For information about the background to the dispute and updates see the RMT union website.

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