Ore ward report (October 2016)

Ore Library reopens

ore-libraryOre library was closed for the last week of September to allow works to improve the condition of the building and stop the reoccurrence of damp. Plaster was hacked back, a damp proof membrane was installed and the walls have been replastered. Once the plaster has dried, it will be repainted so will need to close for a couple of days in November.


Many residents have complained about weeds growing in the gutters and through cracks in pavements. The Council’s contractors spray the weeds three times a year but clearly this has not been effective so an additional spray will take place shortly. This problem is not restricted to Ore but occurs across the town.

Rye Road High Bank

rye-road-high-bankResidents living along this section of the eastern side of Rye Road have received a letter from AmicusHorizon which owns the bank and verge along the top instructing them to stop parking on the verge. The letter states:
“We have concerns regarding vehicles being parked on the grass verge opposite your properties.
There are several reasons for this, the verge is being damaged, our constructors are unable to maintain this land properly and at some point there is a very steep drop to one side.
Please could parking on this area be stopped, if you are aware of anyone parking on this area in the future please could you inform us so that we can follow this up with them…We will be looking at what measures we can take to help stop parking such as bollards.”

As they have parked there without complaint for more than 30 years, residents are very unhappy about this as it will leave them nowhere to park their cars; the road is narrow single track. Most of the home owners have their own off-street parking but all properties do not allow this. We will be discussing this with AmicusHorizon and hoping to reach a reasonable solution.


At the October Council meeting, we will be debating a motion in support of the thousands of women in the UK born in the early 1950s who have had their retirement and, therefore state pension age, pushed back six or more years with little notice. This has left them insufficient to rearrange their affairs leaving them in serious financial difficulties. The motion calls on the Government to introduce a ‘bridging’ pension to cover the gap from age 60 until State Pension Age. You can read more about the issue and the campaign here.

Southern Railways to cut services to Ore

Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) is consulting on changes to its Southern rail timetable in 2018. We have been contacted by SHRIMP (St Leonards & Hastings Rail Improvement) campaign group who tell us that this includes a proposal that the Ore to London Victoria service will start and end at Hastings leaving only the Brighton to Ashford service stopping at Ore. South Eastern’s Charing Cross service may be extended to Ore as a replacement though this is not guaranteed. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOf course, Ore station does not fall within Ore ward but many of our residents may well use it on a regular basis or did so before the current difficulties on many of Southern’s services. The consultation runs until 8th December so if you have views on this, please reply to the consultation on Southern’s website.

Churchill Avenue pavements

Residents in Churchill Avenue have been complaining about the poor state of their pavements for many years. We have been promised on numerous occasions that they would be repaired. We’re pleased to see that the pavements on both sides have recently been resurfaced in tarmac. It’s good to be able to say thank you to the Highway Authority at long last.

Canute Road

canute_fairlightrdFollowing consultation the double yellows lines on Canute Road near its junction with Fairlight Avenue were extended recently. Cars parked here have long caused difficulties for motorists negotiating the blind bend on the narrow road. Unfortunately some drivers have been ignoring these. Highways have been informed and there will be increased patrols by parking wardens in the coming days.

ore_together_colourWe listen to the concerns of local residents and traders at 18:15 on the first Thursday of each month. Why not come and join us to listen or raise your concerns?
In 2016 all meetings will be at the
Ore Community Centre, 455 Old London Road. Details can be found here.

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