Hastings Loves Its University

A review is currently being conducted by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Brighton into the future of their campus in Hastings, with fears from students and staff that they may decide to pull out of Hastings altogether.

Labour’s local education spokesperson Cllr Kim Forward said,

“We’ve been inundated with concerned students and parents telling us how they value the university being in our town and how they want it to stay. We need to ensure this message gets to the very top. The best campaigns are ones we can all get behind regardless of our politics – let’s work together to save our campus.”

We want you to express the reasons why they feel the university should stay in our town, so please leave a comment below. The comments will be sent to the university’s new Vice Chancellor Professor Debra Humphris in March.

Dear Professor Debra Humphris,

We know, as Vice Chancellor of the University of Brighton, you are considering closing the Hastings campus.

The university means so much to our town and I think it should remain open because...


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Hastings Loves Its University
Councillors, students and members of the public show their love!
Latest Signatures
109Maia P.I worked there as a Visiting Lecturer in 2014. It is a fantastic place to work and be a student, and provides an irreplaceable opportunity for those who would struggle to go to university elsewhere. It has very good amenities and resources, and there is a very engaging and caring relationship between its staff and students. This is the kind of higher education projects we should be supporting!Mar 12, 2016
108Dr GM D.When I visited for a job interview, I was so impressed by its engaged staff, lively students and its location, which was clearly transforming an area which need the opportunities it provides.Mar 12, 2016
107David N.It brings many students into local businesses... we need these students. Hastings has a reoutation for high Job seekers and unemployed... why take the work/labour etic awayMar 11, 2016
106Chris B.My son completed an Art Foundation course at Hastings Uni, then went onto Brighton Uni (Brighton) and achieved a 2:1 in Illustration. Without Hastings, he may not have got a place at Brighton, we are very happy that he had the opportunity to start in Hastings, it would be tragic if it had to close. Mar 07, 2016
105Julie C.We have invested a lot of our regeneration grant in opening it, a lot of the town centre is now based around it, Furthermore, until the nursing etc degrees were moved to Brighton, it was extremelMar 05, 2016
104Andrew F.Mar 03, 2016
103Mark B.if left to grow it will ultimately affect the students, parents and grandparents of Hastings and will drive more industry and growth to Hastings than anything else we could possibly do. It is a long term investment and Hastings needs it....Mar 01, 2016
102Debbie D.it brings students into Hastings which generates money and jobs for the town. In addition, it provides an opportunity for local people, who might otherwise be unable to do so, to attend university. Feb 29, 2016
101Joanne A.It is an integral part of Hastings regeneration. It has given the town more status and helped improve job opportunities, as well as the local economy. Feb 29, 2016
100Linda M.There is no other HE offer in the area. Parts of hastings suffer from multiple deprivation, and education in this form is an important resource.Feb 25, 2016
99Melanie D.Hastings needs local opportunities for people to further themselves and their prospects, the town is up and coming with a vibrant arts, crafts and music scene and shouldn't be discounted as a hub of academia and further education to encourage this growth. Feb 23, 2016
98marie h.Feb 23, 2016
97Lucy M.Feb 23, 2016
96Adam S.Its just unfair and ridiculous on so many levels.Feb 23, 2016
95Annie S.Feb 22, 2016
94maria l.It is not Brighton's to close - SEEDA and Seascape paid for it.Feb 22, 2016
93Susanna E.It is a positive influence in the townFeb 22, 2016
92Jocelyn O.it would be devastating to hastingsFeb 22, 2016
91Mike D.Feb 22, 2016
90Claire C.no university should close, more should be opening and expanding to areas like Hastings where they can make a real difference to the local community.Feb 22, 2016
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