Election latest: Brexit made easy

Don’t fall for a Boris ‘deal’ – only Labour can ‘get Brexit done’

Peter Chowney, Labour candidate for Hastings & Rye:
“Should the referendum back a sensible Labour Brexit, that’s what I would support”

YOU get the final say on Brexit – only with Labour

A Labour deal will ‘get Brexit done’. Final vote, sorted. 

With Labour: a sensible Brexit deal, or remain

Brexit in or out: Labour will implement your decision

Labour’s Brexit will safeguard food standards and jobs

A Boris deal means endless talks. It may never ‘be over’

Boris’s Brexit deal would make us £70 billion worse off

A Boris US deal will drive up the cost of medicines

In a new referendum, Peter Chowney,
Labour parliamentary candidate
for Hastings & Rye, would personally
back remain, but says:
“Should the decision of
the referendum be to leave,
that’s what I’d support in parliament”

A Boris US deal would cost our NHS £500 million a week

Trade deal with Trump: costlier drugs, big pharma profits

Britain will lead the way on rights and standards in EU

Vital UK-EU research projects protected by Labour

EU funds would continue to help deprived UK areas

Joint security with EU would keep our country safe

Rights of EU nationals and UK citizens in EU protected

A Labour government will lead radical reform of the EU

About The Author

Rick Dillon, Press Officer for Peter Chowney