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Baird ward

Warren Davies

Get in touch: cllr.warren.davies@hastings.gov.uk

Mike Turner

Get in touch: cllr.mike.turner@hastings.gov.uk

Braybrooke Ward

Sue Beaney

I was born, bred and educated in Hastings and am passionate about our town.  I have lived in Knoxville, Tennessee, as well as other towns in the UK and I believe Hastings is unique in its character which has something for everyone.  I feel privileged to be part of a council which is working hard on its vision for regeneration whilst fighting  to overcome dramatic cuts in grants from central government and maintain services for all its residents.

Get in touch: cllr.sue.beaney@hastings.gov.uk

Dominic Sabetian

Get in touch: cllr.dominic.sabetian@hastings.gov.uk

Castle Ward

Leah Levane

Leah lives in St. Leonards and is delighted to have made the move after a lifetime in London where she worked mainly with local communities to improve their neighbourhoods.  A constant thread of her working life has been working to bring people from different backgrounds and generations together to look at what people have in common, eg aspirations for their children, for safety and development in their local areas and much more.

Leah says: I want to support people to become more involved in their neighbourhoods, to bring communities together. I want to support the most vulnerable in our town and to show that there is an alternative to the pernicious policies of the Tory government. I believe that everyone has a contribution to make and I want to support people in making such contributions, to their own wellbeing, their families and their community.”

Get in touch: cllr.leah.levane@hastings.gov.uk

Judy Rogers

Get in touch: cllr.judy.rogers@hastings.gov.uk

Central St. Leonards Ward

Ruby Cox

I retired at the end of 2012 having worked for the London Borough Tower Hamlets. Within a few month of moving to Hastings, I volunteered at a local advice charity, and I work there two days a week doing the best I can to help people with their difficulties. I volunteer at Hastings Arts Forum, and I am a trustee of the charity Dance Hastings, which was set up to make dance accessible to everyone. I believe that local authoriteies like Hastings are in a terrible position due to the vicious cuts to funding from central government. I became a councillor because I want to stand up to keep publicly funded services in place for all the people who need them.

Get in touch: cllr.ruby.cox@hastings.gov.uk

Trevor Webb

I am proud to live in Central St. Leonards and have represented this ward as councillor since 1997. During that time, I have worked hard to improve the quality of life for residents. Before becoming a councillor, I worked with people with mental health and other disabilities, and equalities issues are a priority for me. I have also been a County councillor for Central St. Leonards and Gensing since 2002, where I am leader of the Labour Group. I am the Spokesperson for Budget and Adult Social Care. I have fought for the regeneration of St. Leonards and am also passionate about ensuring our residents have well-maintained, secure housing.

Get in touch: cllr.trevor.webb@hastings.gov.uk

Gensing Ward

Colin Fitzgerald

Get in touch: cllr.colin.fitzgerald@hastings.gov.uk


Kim Forward

Get in touch: cllr.kim.forward@hastings.gov.uk

Hollington Ward

Paul Barnett

I am proud to represent Hollington and will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for all its residents.

My background is in community development, arts and sports and I moved to Hastings after running the Culture department at Bristol City Council.

I am a musician and sports coach, and am passionate about all young people having the chance to enjoy music, art, dance and sports.

My children have made their careers working in music and with young people, and this opportunity should be there for everyone.

Get in touch: cllr.paul.barnett@hastings.gov.uk

Maya Evans

Maya Evans has lived in St Leonards since 2003 and is best know for her international work around human rights.

She is now a proud Councillor for Hollington with the focus to champion people who are often the most overlooked.

She said: “I joined the Labour Party to participate in a much needed revolution to change the country, to take power and wealth away from the elites, and to prioritise the most vulnerable.”

Get in touch: cllr.maya.evans@hastings.gov.uk

Ore Ward

Andrew Battley

Get in touch: cllr.andrew.battley@hastings.gov.uk

Heather Bishop

Get in touch: cllr.heather.bishop@hastings.gov.uk

Silverhill Ward

Margi O’Callaghan

I was brought up in the socialist city of Liverpool, in a working class family that suffered under the hands of the Tories in the 1980’s. I moved to Hastings in 2007 for love, as my husband was from this beautiful town and fell in love with it. I was shocked at how much support people gave the Tories in this area and so decided to join the Labour party to try and change this.

I currently work in ASDA pharmacy as a dispenser and I am also the GMB rep for the store. As well as my council duties I am finishing a degree in social history and English Literature. I have three children as well. I like to keep busy! I am also the heritage champion for Hastings and therefore get involved with all aspects of cultural regeneration and history projects.

I wanted to be a councillor to help implement council policies even though there has been so many cuts to services, to ensure that the poorest of our residents are not left behind or ignored. I am particularly keen to improve on the homeless problem that has derived from Tory austerity. I also would like to get things advanced on the problems of crime and antisocial behaviour because its paramount that our residents feel safe and are kept safe.

Get in touch: cllr.margi.ocallaghan@hastings.gov.uk

Nigel Sinden

Get in touch: cllr.nigel.sinden@hastings.gov.uk

St Helens Ward

Andy Batsford

Get in touch: cllr.andy.batsford@hastings.gov.uk

Antonia Berelson

I have lived in the area for 11 years and moved to Hastings a year ago. I worked in St Michael’s Hospice for seven years as a palliative care nurse, which was so rewarding to be able to make a difference to people in their last few weeks of life. I now work for Brighton University looking after the health of the students. As the mental health champion for Hastings Borough Council, I am passionate about parity of esteem for physical and mental health. I also do a lot of work with the Hastings Buddy project, which is supporting the Syrian families arriving in Hastings.

Get in touch: cllr.antonia.berelson@hastings.gov.uk

Tressell Ward

Tania Charman

Get in touch: cllr.tania.charman@hastings.gov.uk

Peter Chowney

I was first elected to Hastings Council in 2010, and have been council leader since 2015.  I am also the Labour parliamentary candidate for Hastings and Rye.  I’m a scientist by training, with a degree in microbiology, and worked in food and pharmaceutical research before moving into local government, working for different councils, government departments and other public bodies, including the Audit Commission.  It’s a privilege to represent Tressell Ward, but it’s one of the most deprived wards in the country, with many social and economic problems.  With huge cuts to government funding to local authorities. it’s difficult for the council to solve these problems – our more deprived communities have been badly neglected by a government that just doesn’t care.

Get in touch: cllr.peter.chowney@hastings.gov.uk

Wishing Tree Ward

Alan Roberts

I am proud to represent Wishing Tree Ward.

I was born on the 26th May and moved to the area when I was 3 years old, I have lived in Hastings & St. Leonards for nearly 60 years.

Since 2005 I worked as a Charge Hand, Craftsman Gardener (I was also the Contract Health & Safety Manager) for Quadron Services Limited (under contract to the Council)(transferred under TUPE), before that I worked for Onyx (Veolia) (another contractor for the Council)(again, transferred under TUPE) in the same post and before that, again in the same post, I worked directly for the Council (that was over 35 years ago!!!). I was made redundant in November 2014 by The Landscape Group after working for them for a year to the day.
I was the Branch Secretary for Hastings & East Sussex Branch of the GMB Trade Union and I am also a member of the NUJ as a Press Photographer
In the past, I have been a Councillor for Central St. Leonards and then Silverhill and now I am a Councillor for Wishing Tree Ward.
I have also had the privilege to have been the Mayor of Hastings.
I sit on the Council’s Planning Committee, Licensing, Environment & Safety Committee and various other Committees, I’m Chair of the Council’s Planning Committee
I am also the Chair of Governors at Churchwood Primary Academy, Churchwood Drive, St. Leonards.
I own Roberts Photographic, professional photographers.

Get in touch: cllr.alan.roberts@hastings.gov.uk

Phil Scott

Get in touch: cllr.philip.scott@hastings.gov.uk

Ashdown Ward

Baird Ward


Mike Turner

Warren Davies

Warren Davies

Braybrooke Ward

Castle Ward

Central St. Leonards




Maze Hill

Old Hastings



St. Helens


West St. Leonards

Wishing Tree