Hastings Borough Councillors

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Below you’ll find an alphabetical list of ward names showing your local councillors.

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Baird ward

Mike Turner

Warren Davies

Braybrooke ward

Sue Beaney

Dominic Sebetian

Castle ward

Judy Rogers

Leah Levane

Central St. Leonards ward

Ruby Cox

Trevor Webb

Gensing ward

Kim Forward

Colin Fitzgerald

Hollington ward

Maya Evans

Paul Barnett

Old Hastings ward

Dany Louise

James Bacon

Ore ward

Heather Bishop

Andrew Battley

Silverhill ward

┬áMargi O’Callaghan

Nigel Sinden

St Helens ward

Antonia Berelson

Andy Batsford

Tressell ward

Tania Charman

Peter Chowney

Wishing Tree ward

Phil Scott

Alan Roberts